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A Different Kind of Dance

We aren't just here to teach your child steps.

We want to teach them how to tap into their own creativity, and be comfortable in their own skin.

Striving for Excellence

Empowering Young Women


What Makes Us 


The environment we have created for ours dancers. We believe in the art of being YOU. We teach our dancers the importance of being themselves inside and outside of the studio.


We let them know that it is necessary to share their gifts with the world, however they choose to do so. We show them that it is  to express yourself. We want our dancers to gain life skills in the class room, skills that will ultimately change the trajectory of their lives and how they live them. 

How do we achieve this? It's simple... by loving them through it all. 

Start your child's dance lessons with us today!



Love Letters

"ADC is more than just dance classes, camps, and competitions for my daughter. ADC has given her confidence that she didn't have and continuous encouragement from a teacher she loves and trusts and has her best interest at heart, ADC is more than just dance....... it's part of our family."


ADC cultivates a welcoming atmosphere. You get a sense of family immediately. We are so happy to finally be apart of something so great 


We love the opportunities that we have been given since being apart of ADC. Many doors have been opened for my family since starting dance classes with ADC


Summer Opportunities

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